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Reasons behind your dog’s itchy skin

It is very hard to pinpoint the reason behind your dog’s skin conditions. The most challenging thing is figuring out what might be the reason behind your dog’s itchy skin. There are number of day to day products that might cause skin problems. Hot spots are very common in dogs experiencing itchy skin, bacterial infection, insect bites, mites, poor grooming, and other issues. Below are some of the most common reasons for your dog’s skin conditions. 

Atopic dermatitis is a notorious skin condition that dogs develop due to allergies. Just like in humans, dogs get allergic reactions to certain foods, mold, dust, home products, and others. It’s hard to tell the cause of allergic reaction since dogs move around so much and get in contact with different things throughout the day. Allergic reactions may cause excessive itchiness and other symptoms including excessive scratching, inflamed skin, skin infections, and others.

Storage mites could be another reason behind your dog’s itchy skin. These mites are common in grains, dog foods, and other food products. Symptoms for this allergic reaction resemble cold or flu in humans, including sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy skin, and more. The easiest way to know whether you have storage mites in the house is by monitoring your dog’s symptoms indoors and outdoors. If the symptoms reduces when your dog is outside, then there is a big chance you have storage mites at home.  

Skin infection is another factor that can lead to itchiness. Bacterial skin infections might be caused by skin allergies, hormonal disorders, or untreated cuts or wounds. Symptoms include itchiness, loss of hair, dry skin, and others.

What can you do?

Finding the cause of your dog’s itchiness can be hard task since most skin issues have the similar symptoms. The question is, what do you do while looking for the source of your dog’s discomfort to provide relief to your dog? Norah by Earth’s shampoo is one solution for different skin diseases.The shampoo was created to target atopic dermatitis, allergies, hot spots, skin infections, and more! Using the anti-itchy shampoo will rejuvenate your dog’s skin in no time.

As you start the treatment, it’s important to find the cause of your dog’s skin issue so that you can protect him from any future conditions.