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Norah by Earth products ~ FAQs

What causes itchiness, hair loss, and hotspots in dogs?
Your dog might be suffering from different conditions including allergies, atopic dermatitis disease, and more. Click here for more information on common skin conditions that might be the reason behind itchy skin and other skin conditions.

How can I get rid of my dog’s hot spots?
Golden Retriever Family | Norah by EarthJust like in humans, dogs are vulnerable to different allergic reactions. The only issue is, there are not allergy tests for dogs. Hot spots can result from a simple rush, skin disease, or allergies (Atopic dermatitis). Norah by Earth shampoo is safe and effective when it comes to treating hot spots regardless of the cause.

Why buy Norah by Earth products?
There are many dog grooming products out there, but there’s no guarantee that they work as advertised. Norah by Earth products are the best simply because they really work and can treat different conditions including hot spots, bacterial and fungal conditions, atopic dermatitis, and more!

How often should I apply Norah by Earth shampoo for my dog?
The shampoo can be applied to both healthy dogs and dogs with skin conditions. Treatment is different from one condition to the other. For example, a healthy dog can use the shampoo once a week, every other week while unhealthy dog will need treatment of 3 baths a week for 2 weeks, then 1 bath a week until the dog fully recover.

Can I use Norah by Earth products for a healthy dog?
Yes, our products are great for all skin conditions. Healthy dogs can get healthier skin and fuller and shiny fur while dogs with different skin conditions can get treatment for different skin conditions.

Why is my dog so smelly?
Your dog’s odor may be caused by allergic reactions, skin conditions, lack of proper grooming, infections, and other reasons. Our products will not only fight all the bacteria and infections, they will leave your dog’s skin healthier and better looking fur.

What can I do to get rid of my dog’s bad odor?
Giving your dog baths too often can lead to skin dryness and other conditions. To avoid skin dryness, there are other options to consider in between baths. Norah by Earth’s anti-odor spray is a great option to deodorize your furry friend in between baths. If our anti-odor spray can get rid of skunk smell, it can get rid of any smell!

Should I get anti-odor foam or anti-odor spray?
Your selection depends on the length of your dog’s fur. Anti odor spray works best for dogs with short hair while anti-odor foam is great for dogs with long hair or thick fur.

What happens if my dog licks the shampoo?
Avoid contact with the dog’s mouth while giving your dog a bath. If it occurs, dry your dog’s mouth and tongue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

What should I do if the shampoo gets into my dog’s eyes?
It is very important to avoid eye contact to avoid eye irritation. If it occurs, clean your dog’s eyes with a damp cotton ball with warm water or saline solution.