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About Us

Meeting Norah

In 2004, we made a big decision, to add another pup to our family of humans and dogs. At the time, our not so small Rottweiler, Odim, was considering to be in the Dog Show family of doggies, but was later disappointed when he found out he wasn’t able to compete in shows. That didn’t stop him from being awesome though. To cheer him up, we met with a world-renowned breeder and planned for the coming of our beautiful baby girl, who we would later name Norah.

Norah’s personality upon entering our hearts and our world brightened up the entire room. The little princess, who once seemed shy and afraid of her big brother, Odim, perked up to become the royalty that she was and quickly began to show everyone who the boss really was! She had an extremely strong personality, but was incredibly sweet! She was our little baby!

Norah the competitor

Norah was proud to live out the dreams that her brother once had. Through swimming, exercise, and other activities, she prepared and trained for exhibitions with every inch of her happiness. She won a few competitions, including a Best in Show. However, in a short period of time, we all realized that this wasn’t her calling. She just wanted to be with us and to live freely. So we decided she should do just that.

Growing up with Norah

As the years went by, Norah conquered our hearts and became the daughter that we did not have at the time. In fact, we were sure she was a girl and not a dog! We traveled together to various places; beaches, fields, & parks. We spent countless times together and she was the light of our lives. Some other dogs came into our lives, but Norah was still our house’s princess. She even had a place in our bed. They say dogs can read their humans emotions and we know this to be the case for our Norah because she showed her gentleness after one of us had to get surgery. She carefully lied down beside mommy and stayed there for hours like a guardian angel.

A life changing discovery

In 2010, after the excitement of having our own baby, we noticed something different happening in Norah’s skin. The skin that was once pink and healthy, began to become dark and dry. Days and nights when by and the skin issues began to get worse. It got to a point that her skin was almost black & began to break and bleed, causing pain and discomfort to our baby girl. This was heartbreaking because after many visits to vets and specialists, no one could provide us with a treatment or a solution that would work. After months of effort, we began to feel hopeless. What would later be diagnosed as atopic dermatitis was getting the best of both her and us.

A chance encounter

One day, while on vacation, our daughter caught the attention of a couple at the pool. Little did we know that this spark of interest would lead to a conversation with one of the most prominent chemists in the area. Dr. Jose Durval Drugovitch, was so moved by Norah’s story of her skin issues that he offered to create something to help her. One week after our chance encounter, Dr. Durval; returned with a ready to use Shampoo that would be introduced years later as the NORAH Shampoo!

Keeping Norah Alive!

Thanks to Dr. Durval and his friendship and affection with our Golden Retriever, Norah, we can share this amazing product developed to restore dogs’ skin (including severe atopic dermatitis) with the world. We want to help dog owners and lovers everywhere fight itchy skin, bad-odor, and offer relief to our furry friends.

Norah Unique was the first to feel the benefits of this amazing product. She had lived another five years of love and fun with us, for which we are forever grateful.

Join us as we commit many more years to sharing the love of NORAH and keeping her memory alive!

“In Memoriam of Norah Unique, we want every pet with skin diseases to have the same amazing benefits of restored and healthy fur & skin!”

The NORAH Family
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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on how severe is the skin issue but normally you will see an improvement right after the second bath.
Usually after the second month following the instructions on the shampoo label.
The shampoo and anti-odor are naturally derived; the ingredients are mainly natural.

Go to How It Works to know more about this product.

Wet the dog’s coat and apply one capful. Massage the fur, lather and leave for 5 minutes (do not exceed 10 minutes), rinse well. Note: It is very important to dry your dog’s coat well.
One of the shampoo ingredients produces foam when in contact with water. Avoid contact with the dog’s mouth. If it occurs, dry your dog’s mouth and tongue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Yes, you can. Start to use 1/2 cap once a week or 1 cap every 2 weeks.

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