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How it Works


Fixes itching and bacterial/fungal conditions, including hot spots and atopic dermatitis


Fixes itching and bacterial/fungal conditions, including hot spots and atopic dermatitis

The NORAH by Earth Shampoo and Odor Foam/Spray are all naturally-derived formulas developed after thorough research and testing. Our products are made with the best ingredients this earth can provide to treat, clean, calm, and revitalize your dog’s skin. Relieving problems like itching, hot spots, and bacterial & Fungal condition (even atopic dermatitis) is a benefit every pet owner and dog lover will be appreciate! Norah’s special formula is made to help with your dog’s overall necessary hygiene. 


Restores the skin and fur health

Our proprietary formula gets deep beneath the fur to revitalize your dog’s skin. Each time your dog uses the NORAH formula they are activating skin cleaning agents that work together to fight bad odor and skin itching bacteria! The only side effect to using our product is your dog gaining a full, shiny, and healthy coat of fur! Bring back your dog’s healthy beautiful skin while using the NORAH by Earth product line!


Maintains the skin’s health and enhances hair growth

Adding the NORAH line of products to your dog’s normal hygiene is essential in helping to treat your dog’s skin condition. The Norah brand uses our special formula to help dogs all over with powerful cleaning agents. Just use it between baths or as needed. Spray away the odor with NORAH ANTI ODOR Spray or Foam or Stop the itchy skin with our non-concentrated, gentle, “Ready-to-use” Shampoo product!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on how severe is the skin issue but normally you will see an improvement right after the second bath.
Usually after the second month following the instructions on the shampoo label.
The shampoo and anti-odor are naturally derived; the ingredients are mainly natural.

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Wet the dog’s coat and apply one capful. Massage the fur, lather and leave for 5 minutes (do not exceed 10 minutes), rinse well. Note: It is very important to dry your dog’s coat well.
One of the shampoo ingredients produces foam when in contact with water. Avoid contact with the dog’s mouth. If it occurs, dry your dog’s mouth and tongue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Yes, you can. Start to use 1/2 cap once a week or 1 cap every 2 weeks.

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